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Banking in France

A foreigner could open up a lender account if they are (or are likely to be) resident in France for at the very least 3 months.

  • Evidence of an handle in France, e.g. utility bill (Energy, Telephone and so on.), rental arrangement or home deeds.

  • Proof of earnings or status, e.g. contract of employment or evidence of earnings or proof of status (e.g a college student card).

  • Reference from an additional financial institution exactly where accounts are held (this is normally only needed when implementing for financial loans and overdrafts).

  • In some cases, a birth certificate.

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    Opening an account can be accomplished in a working day and indicates of producing payments (funds cards and cheque e-book) will typically arrive inside a month, or so, of the account staying opened.

    Joint Accounts

    An account held by two people will have possibly "et" or "ou" between the names. In the circumstance of an account held in the names M (Monsieur) et Mme (Madame) Xxxx, both account holders need to indicator the cheque, although in the scenario of an account in the name M ou Mme Xxxx, both account holder may possibly sign a cheque.

    French financial institutions will cost for some items, for case in point a fee could be payable to have an account, there is typically a cost to have a card (and 2nd card), there may be a cost for Web banking and for transactions in other banking companies.

    Using your French Lender Account

    Relying on the kind of account, a cheque guide and payment and dollars withdrawal card (carte bleue) will be issued.

    Developed quantities in France

    When composing quantities it is valuable to know the placement of factors and commas.

    • A point (total quit) denotes the countless numbers, even though a comma separates the cents, for case in point EUR2.000,00 is two thousand Euros (deux mille euros).

    • A comma (virgule) signifies the fractions in a percentage twenty about three point 7 p.c is developed 23,7% (vingte trois vigule sept pourcent)

    Card Payments

    • Card payments by debit card (carte bleue) are established in most spots in France. Charge is made employing the PIN code (a signature may possibly be asked for if the quantity is significant). N.B. carte bleue is not a credit card.

    • Search for the image CB (carte bleue), Visa or MasterCard.

    • Money devices, ATMs (distributeurs) are straightforward to locate in towns and villages and are basic to use, currently being considerably the similar as in other places in the globe. Set the card into the machine and adhere to the text directions (several devices make it possible for for the choice to choose English-language text).

    • There could be constraints on the use of an account when travelling exterior the département where the account is held your branch will be ready to make other arrangements.


    Spending by private cheque does not incur extra prices in France. However, a fee is charged to use a bankers draft (Chèque de Banque).

    Renewal can also be produced by filling in the type offered referencement automatique in your cheque e book. A Suggestion arrives hooked up to the referencement bottom of an invoice referencement gratuit (facture).
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